The sustainable cleaning products of the future are here

Framtidens hållbara rengöringsprodukter är här - QLEANTAB®

QLEANTAB is a Swedish company that manufactures cleaning products that are kinder and gentler on both you and the planet. With a recycled aluminum bottle and tablet cleaner with non-toxic, safe and 100% biodegradable ingredients, the concept is simple but effective. Fill the bottle with tap water, put in a tablet and get sparkling clean without polluting our nature with plastic, waste, chemicals and emissions.

QLEANTAB is a Swedish company that has been started to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cleaning products, both for private and professional use. We have recently launched our first three products on the Scandinavian market and will continue to expand our range in the future. Our more planet-friendly cleaning products consist of kitchen, bathroom and glass cleaners. The latter won the prize as best eco-product at the Ecoliving Scandinavia fair in November.

Household chemicals, cleaning products and detergents of various kinds are not good for the environment. They come almost exclusively in plastic packaging that is transported with the liquid already filled, which contributes to heavier transport, a larger climate footprint and more waste. The ingredients in the product often consist of strong chemicals that are neither healthy for humans, living organisms nor our nature. QLEANTAB wants to change this by thinking differently at each step of the process. Our sales manager, Stefan Bergenrot, puts it this way: "We clean and tidy every day, at home and at work. This means that quantities of water are transported around our globe. Large amounts of toxins and plastic waste end up in nature. At QLEANTAB, we have removed the water transport and harmfulness from traditional cleaning products and replaced it with sustainable ingredients in tablet form”

Our bottles are made from 100% recycled aluminium. It is a durable material that weighs incredibly little, is non-toxic, hygienic and can be recycled. Recycled aluminum reduces energy consumption by 95% compared to brand new aluminum. This saves both energy and nature's resources. The bottle is bought once and then reused over and over again, meaning it can last indefinitely - even for generations. It is carefully designed to stand out and make the home both more beautiful and cleaner.

When it's time to clean, the bottle is filled with tap water and a tablet is added and dissolves in the water within 15 minutes. The tablets are 100% biodegradable and for almost all ingredients this does not take more than a month. The ingredients are safe, non-toxic and 99% traceable to a natural origin. Even any fumes that arise during cleaning are harmless to inhale. Our tablets fall within the criteria to be Swan-labelled, and we are on our way to being approved for this label as well as a Cruelty-Free label.

This unique combination of tablets and empty aluminum bottles means that we do not need to transport water at any stage, from the procurement of raw materials to the last mile. Together, the bottle and tablets weigh only 98 grams, which is less than a tenth of traditional cleaning products. When the tablets run out, refills can be ordered, which further reduces the environmental impact and dramatically reduces carbon dioxide emissions. The fact is that our tablets only weigh a couple of grams including packaging and that corresponds to 1-2% of the weight of a classic cleaning agent. In addition, our products are manufactured in Europe and we use the smallest possible packaging at all stages.

We believe in a future where both our homes and our nature can be kept clean, beautiful and free from toxins and plastic.

QLEANTAB AB is a Swedish company that manufactures sustainable products for daily use that do less harm to ourselves and our planet. In 2022, we won best new eco-product at the Ecoliving Innovation Awards. Our products are available in Sweden and Scandinavia at QLEANTAB.