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At the heart of our quest for a cleaner, greener world, QLEANTAB was born. The story begins with one family's realization during lockdown - a time of reflection and transformation. Founder Philip, along with his family of five, found themselves questioning how their cleaning practices were affecting both their immediate surroundings and the planet as a whole.

The turning point came during a routine cleaning, where the accumulation of plastic bottles raised concerns. That's when Philip's eldest son, a passionate advocate for wildlife conservation, drew attention to the environmental consequences of their cleaning choices. The realization hit them: conventional cleaning methods, full of toxins and excessive plastic, not only affected

Discovering the abundance of plastic waste used in the production of beauty products, Ashlee realized her own dream of designing a fully sustainable beauty brand, starting with product packaging.

QLEANTAB's Mission Green Living Cleaner Homes, Brighter Futures

  • Reusable aluminum bottles
  • Powerful Natural Ingredients
  • Sustainable Minimal Packaging
  • Pure Vegan Award

Inside the tablets, environmentally friendly cleaning power is released

Every cleaning cupboard contains chemicals that harm our planet, but also completely harmless chemicals. QLEANTAB contains only the planet-friendly kind. But they're still just as effective against yesterday's pasta sauce and tomorrow's muddy football boots. We've found the perfect pH level to take care of everyday dirt without any trace of toxic chemicals. At the same time, the heavenly scents give that fresh feeling that won't make your eyes water.

And all of this packed into an effervescent tablet that weighs less than a ballpoint pen.

Why is this important? Well, ordinary cleaning products are about 80% water. That means we're wasting plastic, increasing carbon emissions, and shipping something we all have plenty of at home. Our products come in tablet form that dissolves in water. The result? Safe cleaning products that do the job, smell good and protect our planet.

Our Values




Sustainability Above All

Sustainability in Eco-friendly Aluminum Bottles

Sustainable Innovation: Changing Cleaning Practices with QLEANTAB's Long-Lasting and Eco-Friendly Aluminum Bottles.

QLEANTAB's aluminum bottles embody long-lasting quality. Consciously designed for durability, they outperform their glass and plastic counterparts. Lightweight, durable and made from recycled aluminum, these bottles minimize environmental impact.

Embrace durability with a 25-year warranty, a testament to our commitment to lasting value. Elevate your cleaning experience while making a lasting impact on the planet with QLEANTAB's thoughtful and eco-friendly aluminum bottles. Join us in the journey towards a cleaner world and a greener future.

Our Values

Ingredients that harm nature

Toxic chemicals

Irritants or carcinogens

Disposable plastic bottles


Lockdowns, small hands and a penchant for dinosaurs

Hi, I'm Philip, the founder of QLEANTAB and QLEAN NATION. Amidst the rhythm of daily life with five family members, the pandemic lockdown made us face reality. Endless cleaning sessions raised questions about the environmental impact of traditional products.

Witnessing our son's concern for wildlife and the growing pile of plastic bottles led to QLEANTAB. Our family's journey towards sustainability has only just begun, and we invite you to join us on this meaningful path.