Sustainable Home Cleaning QLEANTAB'S Guide to Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Hållbar Hemstädning QLEANTAB’S Guide för Miljövänliga Alternativ - QLEANTAB®

QLEANTAB is a Swedish company that recently launched cleaning agents for kitchens, bathrooms and glass in a unique solution with empty aluminum bottles and cleaning formula in tablet form. Just add water and the tablet will dissolve and give you a 500ml cleaning product! This innovative and waste-free product will make a big difference to households, businesses and our planet.

Keeping clean should not have to mean a dirty nature and risk to health. Strong chemicals, endless amounts of plastic and rubbish, energy-intensive manufacturing processes and carbon dioxide emissions due to heavy deliveries, are some of the reasons why a better and more environmentally friendly alternative to cleaning is needed. Not least for the hotel and restaurant industry, where staff and guests become extra vulnerable through the daily and routine cleaning. Sure, the bar counter or the kitchen counter may shine, but both man and the planet must pay the price.

QLEANTAB was born from the idea of ​​finding that environmentally friendly alternative. We want to offer a gentler and kinder alternative to traditional cleaning products, which is just as effective against dirt. We are a Swedish company with a vision of creating a better future and being at the forefront of the companies leading a cultural and global shift for sustainability. Our products have recently been launched in Sweden on the Scandinavian market and consist of kitchen, bathroom and glass cleaning.

We will launch our professional cleaning range in the first quarter of 2023, but due to high demand we will already be offering the hotel and restaurant industry access to our consumer range.

Our products consist of a bottle made from 100% consumer recycled aluminium, which is lightweight, hygienic and only needs to be purchased once. In addition, the bottle has such a beautiful design that it can be left standing in front of you. The bottle is filled with tap water and a tablet is added. Within 15 minutes, the tablet dissolves and creates a cleaning agent, completely free of harmful chemicals and with 100% biodegradable ingredients. When cleaning is finished, it is easy to order new refill tablets and fill up your QLEANTAB bottle. The tablets save space as they only weigh 1-2% of traditional cleaning products. For example, an entire year's consumption can fit in a shoe box. The staff now don't have to lug around heavy and unwieldy bottles and can instead pick out a tablet that weighs less than a couple of grams. Both bottle and tablet are free of water and can therefore be transported without water all the way, which drastically reduces the environmental impact and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Using cleaning agents can be harmful to health, both through skin contact, strong scents and the vapors and aerosols that you may accidentally inhale. Our products are made from non-toxic ingredients that are 99% traceable to a natural origin. They are therefore safe for both employees and guests and will not cause any allergic reactions, eczema or rashes, which are otherwise common effects of cleaning products. The scent is mild, fresh and pleasant, which enhances the experience and makes cleaning a pure pleasure.

QLEANTAB's founder, Philip puts it this way: “Cleaning is a constant chore in all service professions. At QLEANTAB, we want to offer an effective, non-toxic way of cleaning, and at the same time create an opportunity to reduce environmental impact, improve staff well-being and health, save space and provide financial savings over time. In addition, every company that uses our products contributes to a cleaner environment through QLEAN NATION.”

QLEANTAB AB is a Swedish company that manufactures sustainable products for daily use that do less harm to ourselves and our planet. In 2022, we won best new eco-product at the Ecoliving Innovation Awards.