QLEANTAB best new eco product

QLEANTAB bästa nya eco produkt - QLEANTAB®

Malmö, November 17 – QLEANTAB AB, a Swedish company that manufactures products that are less harmful to us and our planet, has won the award for Best New Organic Product with its environmentally friendly Glass and Mirror Cleaner. Formulated with 100% biodegradable ingredients, with over 90% breaking down within 30 days, QLEANTAB's Glass and Mirror Cleaner, like their entire range of eco-friendly cleaning products, comes in the form of an effervescent tablet that dissolves upon use in their 100% recycled bottles aluminum from consumers.

"We have developed cleaning products that are not only effective, but also make sense from an environmental perspective for both individuals and businesses, and it is fantastic to receive this award," said Cassandra Maddocks, Development Chemist at QLEANTAB. "It really shows how far the market has come and how ready it is for environmentally friendly alternatives that are self-evident. With our products, a 5-gram tablet becomes 500 ml of cleaning solution without the need for harmful chemicals, single-use plastic bottles or transporting water."

QLEANTAB is launching its first three products this month across Scandinavia, and the eco-friendly brand is well positioned to meet consumer demand in a market where 67% of consumers are often concerned about sustainability issues*, and where between 62% and 72%, depending country**, consider the durability of the products before making a purchase decision.

"The great thing about QLEANTAB's products, apart from their excellent performance, is that they are not only sustainably made, they also help our customers to be more sustainable and reduce their ecological footprint in everyday life," says Philip Lahdo, founder of QLEANTAB. "In addition, each product sold contributes to the financing of environmentally friendly projects, initially in Sweden and Scandinavia."

QLEANTAB is now being launched in Scandinavia through its e-commerce platform – www.qleantab. see – and the products should soon also be available in stores.